Two weeks after its release Windows 10 has more users than Windows 8



We’ve just posted the following news: Two weeks after its release Windows 10 has more users than Windows 8[newsimage][/newsimage]

Only two weeks after Windows 10 has been officially released the operating system has more users than Windows 8, according to numbers reported by StatCounter.

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two points

  1. not surprised but not because Win 10 is that much better but because win 8/8.1 were total heaps of crap!

  2. need to wait a while and see how many people carry on using win 10 now all the privacy invading things are coming to light. personally, i prefer to be able to do what i want on something i bought and paid for, not go down the Apple road and have them lock down a piece of equipment because they dont want people using their stuff in ways that isn’t liked!

customers have been through all this stuff. if manufacturers dont want people to use things they buy in ways they want, dont sell the damn stuff! even worse when movie studios, for example, want you to buy their movies, but also want you to buy the burners, the software and the blank disks, but once you’ve bought them, you’re supposed to put them away in the cupboard, never allowing them to see the light of day, let alone be used for the purposes they were made and sold! how damn ridiculous is that? and to make it worse, Congress or whoever makes this sort of thing law!! give me strength, please!!


Windows 10 is spyware, plain and simple. People should be very cautions when using it.

@kevpc: Congress made this law through section 1201 of the DMCA, and has refused to remove it, despite all of the negative effects it has had on the general public. The Librarian of Congress has the power to make temporary exceptions to this law, but convincing him is fairly difficult (according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, he still prefers to send lots of faxes, instead of using email). And worse, the United States Trade Representative is trying to spread this mistake to other countries using secretive treaties like the TTP and the TTIP.


I’ve been offered Windows 10 and I will not update until the EULA is changed to include better privacy protections for the end user and I have told friends not to upgrade and they don’t want the intrusion either it’s nice someone has come up with a tool to disable Microsoft’s tracking technology in Windows 10 but what’s to say they don’t re-enable it via updates point being? end user needs options should have options to turn stuff on or off regardless if it’s free or paid.


TSJnachos117, Good work your well informed it’s always a pleasure to hear others are paying attention in the tech community. :slight_smile:


What’s the fuss?

W10 once it’s (very soon) a service the NSA will know every single disk access you’re doing. Microsoft == NSA and this shall be the END of MS!



Should’ve known once Bill left from day to day operations, the OS business would be a boon to privacy loss.
I waited until SVC pack 1 of win7 to upgrade from xp… and it will be at LEAST that long with 10, if ever…
I I bet they will even make it difficult to install older os on new equipment.

Microsoft now stands for Minus Security