Two types of firesharing sites



There are 2 types of sites listed here. The first group focus on supplying you a selection of P2P music download programs ranging from WinMx to Sharazaa and others containing no adware or spyware ( or include programs to stop the adware or spyware) and provide great technical support and help in using these programs. The small price these sites charge are well
worth it. But just remember, that much of what you will find on these networks, may be illegal for you to download depending upon the copyrights and country you are in. Using P2P is legal but you should not use it to break the law. Inside the member’s area of these sites you will find a section showing how to stay 100% legal while getting access to the largest file sharing networks. The other type of sites listed are realRapsody and Napster
which do not use P2P technology and you pay per download. Every thing you will find on their network is 100% legal! For lists, check it out: :iagree: