Two things in the same ide?

hi, i couldn’t find anywhere else to put this sooo…

i was looking at my hardware and accordin to wondows my hard drive and dvd-rom are both in 0(0) (primary master)!!! Is there a tool that can check up on my configuretion?

easiest thing to do is open up your case, look at the cable and see which one is first ad second.

They cant be both master on the same ide channel…I agree with the above post…most likely, your hdd is master alone on channel 0…and your optical is master on channel 1. Open the case and follow the cables…:slight_smile:

thanks for that. i also have another uestion. if i have a dvd-rom, cd-rw, dvd-rw and a 80 gig hd what should my ide config be?

Well…the hdd will have to be the master on ide channel 0…thats your boot disk, the rest is kinda up to you so long as you set the jumpers correct…:slight_smile:

i’d have hard drive as master on ide0, then dvd-rom slave. then dvd-rw as master on ide1 and cdrw as slave.

This is because you can then do on the fly burns and also when burning a dvd/cd you won’t get underuns, as hard drive and burner on sep channels. Doesn’t matter about your dvd-rom so just stick that on the end of your hard drive as there is no other room.

Or you could by an ide card and have them all seperate, or at least keep ur hard drive sperate.

As you can see there a many possible solutions and i’m sure everyone here will have a different opinion.

Primary IDE Master - HDD
Primary IDE Slave - DVD-ROM
Secondary IDE Master - DVD-RW
Secondary IDE Slave - CD-RW.
That’s what i’d do:)

But i’m not sure what would happen if you put the drive onto the Primary IDE and if it would affect the HDD.

You can check which drive is primary or secondary by entering the BIOS pressing the del or F2 key at your PC’s startup.
Just don’t change any settings there it could be dangerous !!!
If you’re not familiar with the BIOS don’t mess with it at all.

I agree with Ockingshay and $CyBeRwIz$ about the drive’s setup , it’s best to have your fastest drives as master most times.

… but it’s much easier to use NeroInfoTool to see which drive is primary or secondary :slight_smile: