Two simple writing questions

Having recently bought some good quality media instead of of cheapo Ritek (which i discovered to my disgust have go down hill sharpley) what do people class as a good burn and what do people bin?
When i was using my old slow media i thought anything less than a 96 was a binner but having bought some Verbatim 16x (BenQ 1640) i’m getting a few 94’s due to a one off PI failure spike, so the question is should i bin it or not?

Other minor Q was as with these new media the print quality is a bit poorer as they are coming out duller than the Ritek’s so of course i boosted the saturation to compensate but thats a poor work round isn’t it? So what do people use to print on Disc’s? (Got a standard R200 Epson like veryone else or does everyone just boost the sat?)

Quality score is reduced very fast if there is also a single spike of errors above a certain value. Also if the remaining of the disc is without a single error, it’s sufficient a single spike to make QS very poor.

look these scan as an example

QS doesn’t say anything about burning quality, it only depends on PIF Max / check Zevia’s table. would be better to post some scans. don’t worry about just a single spike