Two-sided DVD with 7 Gig on each side?

OK, I am a total noob so please be gentle with me if I am asking a stupid question.

I am copying one disk of a multi-disk set. It has a side A and side B. Looking at the contents shows 7.01 Gig on one side; 7.05 on the other. I have successfully ripped the contents of both sides onto my hard disk utilizing DVD Decrypter.

What now? I have dual-layer media, but I still wouldn’t have enough room.

Thanks in advance for any advice. My daughter will be very happy with me if I can get this done.

What you have is called DVD-18, it is double sided dual layer disc.

Sorry but these type of disc are not sold as blank. only choice is to back up to 2 seperate DL disc.

Hi bmackkc and welcome to the forums. I have never seen or heard of a DVD-18 recordable (one that uses both sides of the disc and both layers of each side). The best you can probably hope for is to get about 4.5GB on each layer of a dual layer disc. It will probably be closer to 4.3GB depending on which calculation you use. This will give you between 8.6 and 9 GB per disc. I don’t think you can do anything to increase this capacity. Hopefully the software on the disc you are trying to copy will work when copied to a smaller disc format.


Thanks…I can copy to plain old DVDs, but I’m not sure what the process is? I have read about DVD Shrink or something like that. Can somebody please walk me step by step through the process?

In Edit->‘Preferences’ choose a target size DVD-9(8.5GB)…