Two SATA drives burning at once?

Anyone here have two Plextor SATA drives burning two things at once? Does it slow your computer down or does your program go to the buffer frequently? What kind of hard drive do you have and does that ever get stressed out?

You’d probably need a WD Raptor. I’ve tried the simultaneous burn but both of my Plextors are connected to a PCI SATA card so that likely limits them. I may have to move one to the onboard JMicron SATA port.

I have a Raptor. I also have a dedicated storage drive, a Maxtor Maxline III SATA3.0. I wonder if I could do it. I have a 716SA and a 755SA.

Raptor won’t work, you’ll need 2 Raptor’s in RAID0 for two 760’s to burn at the same time. I don’t know if SATA share the same bus but with IDE both drives need to be on different channels burning off two seperate SATA hdd’s. Burning off partitioned drives will not work because essentially your still reading off one drive.

it is possible as long as you do not burn at max speed; raptor is able to provide the needed data to 2 dvdwriters… at 8x they will need only 11MBps that can be easily achieved.

Theoretically all SATA ports have full bandwith at the same time.

No because the files are on different areas of the drive, your drive will have to have a extremely fast random read rate inorder to have 2 burners burn off the same drive. Simply put, your hdd will be reading back and forth for those 2 files severely slowing down the read process causing buffer underrun errors.