Two RICOHJPNR01 scans, which is better?

Kind of a newb here and looking for some more experienced opinions.

First scan I posted in the Changing DVDR write strategy forum here RICOHJPNR01@PRODISCR03. Note the relatively high PI Errors vs. 2nd scan.

Second scan (below) is using philips 3.2 firmware (much lower pi errors but more pi failures). Another variable: The first burned at 12x second at 8x (12x was 2 minutes faster). Opinions appreciated.

The first burn is better, fewer PI Failures which is better. PI Errors are less important.
PI Failures are errors which could not be corrected by the dvd reader. Also clusterd PI Failures can provide problems during playback in a standalone dvd player.
I think both burnings will not give you any problems on a standalone dvd player.


Thanks for your answer and the information. I was hoping that was true since it saves me a couple minutes in burning time and I have 200 of these RICOHJPNR01’s to wade through. Your input is very much appreciated.

I’d use B7T9 and burn them at 8x. I’ve found this media gets a little on the flakey side when jumping up to 12x even on the NEC ND3500AG and while they are still “good” burns you get much better quality at 8x for the difference of a minute or two of time which will probably help the longevity of the disc. I’d rather go at a slower / steadier pace and get a nice result then a faster pace and take a potential to ruin a disc.

I look at it this way now - if I can burn a disc at 8x in 9-10 minutes then I’m happy. It’s still a tad faster than 4x and I feel like there is actually a purpose to owning 16x drives, hehe. :slight_smile:

I think both scans are very good. I suggest you select 16X and scan both discs at that higher speed. Sometimes this will show you something that the slower scanning speed (8X) does not.

I’d go with the 12X burn if it were me simply because it’s faster and the PIF’s are great. But I’d probably scan the next three or four burns just to make sure that the burns are all reasonably consistent, before I completely relied on this.