Two-region Sony Blu-ray player standalones

I just posted the article Two-region Sony Blu-ray player standalones.

According to German news website Heise Online, the German website offers modified versions of the Sony Blu-ray standalones BDP-S300 and BDP-S500 now.These players are supposed to play…

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link is broken

Codefree linky no worky. Good to see that you can get players like that though.

That’s good news, good to read it here, I guess this makes a lot of people happy. It will also be interesting to see what kind of measures Sony will make, as they have this almost self healing copy protection system for Blu-ray right, or how does it work actually? Some of the techies should know?

Found reviews on both. Sony BDP-S300 Sony BDP-S500 Both have gotten really high grades. Im glad the “War” between Blu-ray - HD is over so companys are willing to put more money in developing games, movies and gadgets at a more human price! Cheers