Two Questions Regarding PX-716A & Taiyo Yuden DVD-R16X TYG03

Not too long ago, I purchased from Best Buy a PX-716A (February 2005, TLA# 0304) and flashed its firmware from 1.04 => 1.08.

400 (eight 50 packs) Taiyo Yuden DVD-R16X (MID: TYG03) discs that I ordered from SuperMediaStore showed up on my doorstep today.

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I am curious, about two things:

  1. I am trying to make sense about all of the PX-716A problem posts and what to look out for regarding my new purchase. Are the problems mainly concerning the quality of burns detectible through scanning or noticeable behavior such as media not being recognized, loud noises, catching fire, etc? Are any of these problems regarding firmware revision 1.09 or just for any firmware revisions?

  2. I have a whole bunch TYG03 discs. In your expert opinions, how well do these babies burn in the PX-716A? Notice my post count; I am a noob. Any suggestions for burning this media? Should I burn at the rated 16X or maybe slower at 8X to avoid PIEs, PIFs, POFs, and…well…whatever? PoweRec on or off? Are the TYG03 discs included in the 1.09 firmware’s database?

Just here for suggestions and any other information regarding the PX-716A drive and TYG03 discs. If you would like to offer me advice but need more information about my computer, please feel free to ask. Thanks!

LOL, catching fire is a new one to me :wink: The most important thing about any burn is its readability after it’s been burned. A quick test to see if your discs were burned well is to re-insert the disc in your drive and do a read transfer rate test with software like PlexTools or Nero’s CD-DVD Speed. If it’s a smooth curve then your drive can read the disc just fine. If you want to look more closely to your burns you can use your Plextor drive to perform a PI/PO test using either the PlexTools software or alexnoe’s PxScan/PxView software. There is loads of info in this forum on how to judge a scan (take a look at the “Post your Plextor DVD quality scans here” sticky thread for example).

I have no experience with TYG03 discs personally but if they’re genuine Taiyo Yuden discs your Plextor should burn them just fine at the highest speed. PoweRec should definitely left enabled because it’s a quality control measurement which monitors write errors and, if needed, can lower the write speed to prevent serious errors. PoweRec is not perfect though but still it should be left enabled.

So far, things have been well with the PX-716A. I flashed from 1.08 to 1.09. In order to keep all PIEs under 20, I’ve decided to burn the TYG03 at 8X rather than the rated 16X. The PlexTools FE/TE tells me that the TYG03 should not be burned at 16X (okay…?) and was my reasoning for lowering my burn speed. Hopefully another firmware revision will add TYG03 to the media list or change the 716A’s write strategy for it. I really want these babies to burn at 16X with a low error count! I guess it does not matter so much. I primarily am backing up DVD-Video and generally leave my computer unattended while burning. I must say, as of now, I’m happy with the PX-716A.

I am curious about this drive’s failure rate, though. Maybe a poll should be posted regarding how many people have had their PX-716A’s without having to RMA them.

I burn all media at 8X these days with all burners! 8x and sometimes 12X are great burning speeds! 16X is only for the rare exceptions and very rare these days! Stay clear of burning at 16X! It is not worth the risk!