Two Questions Regarding HP d330



Hello -
I am just getting back into computing. I once built a S-100 machine with CP/M in the early '80’s. Now I trying to upgrade a HP-d330 desktop and get back into computing as cheaply as I can. I have two questions:

[/ul]I’ve installed a router and networked two Windows 7 machines, but I took some bad advice and downloaded a Vista sound driver in hopes of upgrading the sound, but instead I lost it all together. Is there some way to recover the sound. I cannot find a sound driver for Windows 7, and the Device Manager doesn’t even show a sound device. Is there a way, short of re-installing the O/S to recover the sound?

[/ul]Will the original disc controller on a HP d330 be compatible with a Blu-Ray/HD DVD Disc Drive? If not, what kind of controller can I install?

Thank you


Hi SkipperChaim and welcome to MyCE :flower:

Regarding the sound driver: it’s best to go for the manufacturer-specific system drivers if you can. If you haven’t already tried it, you could have a go and reload the XP one from the HP website here:
As usual, after installing it might require a computer restart to function.

Re the BR / HD optical drive: these are modern drives and the interface is different. They’re attached via a serial ATA (SATA) connection and I think your HP machine will likely only have parallel ATA (e.g. IDE) connectors available. You will probably have to buy a cheap SATA controller card, mount this inside, install the drivers, and then you are good to connect a BR drive via a SATA cable.