Two questions lead in lead out and using cdrw's



Hi :confused:
I recently got a cdrw and use it for backing up my data
I am just learning about how to use it , quite a bit to it I am finding out
Two questions
1- whats the difference between lead in lead out and the TOC table of contents and if I do multisession do not finalize on a cd r
I found out the lead in lead out takes up 26 mb’s on each session , so if the TOC is a seperate thing how much mb’s does that take up on each session approxiametly
2-I was told you don’t have to use inCD ( I have nero ) packet program
you can use the cdrw another way to backup besides inCD
and that is to use the cdrw just like a CD
and it behaves just like a CD except that you can erase it.
In this mode, the erase function is explicit and erases the entire CD.
Could anyone please explain this to me in a clearer fashion
Is it simply stating that > You put your data on the cd for the initial backup and then the updating next session you tell you software to format the disc and erase it clean and start again on the cdrw ? Why do you need a cdrw to do this you can do it with a cdr ?


Leadin and TOC is the same thing. It is there to let the drive/player know what tracks are in the session. Leadout is pretty much just zero data and it lets the drive know it has reached the end of the session (way bigger than it needs to be but the specs are old).

That’s pretty much all I can answer of your questions.


Thank You , thats all I need to know