Two PXInfo questions



Just two short PXInfo questions:

  1. Is it normal that PXInfo crashes when a disc is inserted into the Plextor drive?

  2. I read that PXInfo shows the total DVD and CD burn times of the Plextor drive. I can’t see this information in PXInfo. Any ideas why?


Mine doesn’t seem to do that.

Maybe you’re not looking hard enough? :slight_smile:

Seriously: I had to search too. Here’s what i found: Look for a line like this:

ID 0 (H:) PLEXTOR DVDR   PX-760A   V1.06 TLA:0006 (S/N:xxxxxx) [B]([I]3.57.17[/I]D - 16.20.48D)[/B]

The bold part are the total times for [I]CD[/I] and DVD in Hours.Minutes.Seconds (or the other way round, just burn something and compare the numbers afterward, you’ll see the change). Don’t ask me what the D stands for. I’ve seen A’s and B’s too.


PXInfo crash: Cool, now I only have to look for the reason why mine is doing that. That’s also something. Many thanks!

Total burning time: :doh: You’re right, of course. I can see it now. Mine says [B]0.1.49A - 0.40.53B[/B]. The second one is definitely the DVD burning time. A, B and D are maybe stages in laser life. I can’t imagine myself what it could mean :confused:. Many many thanks for helping!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


If that’s stages of life, plextor must suck hard… :

1.22.41C - 22.19.47D
And i haven’t burn that much!!!


I was just speculating. I don’t really think it’s stages at all. It could be anything.

Should someone know what it is, could you please tell us? :slight_smile:

Amount of burning: 22h and hwp’s 16h is nothing indeed. Considering that a magazine once made a test with every candidate burning for 3 months without halt, and all(!) were still burning at the end. That would be [B]2160.0.0D[/B] :bigsmile:. Honestly, I thought mine is somwhere in the middle of life, but it’s just 40’ :doh:. I’m totally happy now :bigsmile:.