Two Problems with finished DVD from Nerovision

Hi, I’ve been trying to burn dvd’s using Nerovision 3, and I’ve run across a few problems.

I’ve burned three videos onto one disc, and the first one runs perfectly. However, the video for the second and third one freeze for a minute or so at the very beginning while the audio keeps playing. The video will then unfreeze and the audio and video will be horribly out of sync. It stays out of sync until the end, when the audio finishes before the video and it skips to the next video. I’ve run it through virtualdub by extracting the Wav and then compressing it into Lame MP3 and saving the entire thing as an avi again. Any idea what’s wrong? I’ve also run the avi through virtualdub and there were no bad frames.

The second problem is, despite the fact that I have added an mp3 file to the main menu as background audio, no sound plays on my PC or DVD player. The sound plays in the menu preview just fine.

Any help would be appreciated. Note that this problem happens on two of my dvd players, as well as my PC, so its not my player’s problem.

Any help at all would be appreciated. Someone please?


Can no one help me with either problem?

Check out this thread:

There are a few different options here. So far, I personally have not had much luck. I have not tried all the suggestions or combinations of suggestions yet. If I do figure something out, I will post it for you. Good luck.