Two Problems - One Solution?

I have problems relating to 6 dvd original movies purchased (used dvds from video store):

Only 2 will play on my PC but not the other 4 (I have tried using my PowerDVD and also WinDVD). The other 4 will not even be recognized by my DVD+R drive.

I want to copy and make backups as my kids are quite rough with them on their dvd players. The 2 that would open up on my PC copied fine using Clone DVD but the other 4 are not even recognzied when I open the Clone DVD program, nor do any statistics show in my Clone DVD window. I open the program, insert the dvd, and nothing - absolutely nothing happens. Eventually the dvd drive light goes out. Any ideas what I should do? Is it the movies or is it my drive or is it the Clone DVD program? Can’t understand why it worked for 2 of the movies and not the other 4. Any help for this newbie would be appreciated

Did you try the four remaining discs on a DVD player (the one connected to the TV)? If they worked there, there might be something wrong with your computer’s DVD drive.

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If your drive is not able to recognize discs, probably they are scratched or dirty. Or completely ruined. Try to read them with another drive (ask to a friend if you don’t have another).

The saga continues…(These are original dvds…not copies)
So I tried the dvd’s in my external DVD-RW drive at work which is a HP DVD Writer 740e USB Device and they will play. I tried them on my computer’s DVD-RW Lite-on DVD-RW SHW-160P6S and they will not play. I took an old original movie from my collection and it played on both drives. Are there just some drives that won’t recognize some movie copyrights while others do?

Thanks. I eventually found out I had to flash my firmware by going to the drives manufacturer, Lite-On site, and downloaded the upgrade. Now it is recognizing those original movies.