Two Pop-unders?!?!?!?!?

You gotto be crapping me!

First it was one pop-under every day I came to read an article.

Now it is two?!? What the heck is this, a freaking SPAM site?

Take your site and shove it up your kazoo!

Please mind your language, we don’t mind critisism but in this kind of way it’s hard to take it serious. We haven’t changed anything in the advertisment settings for years so I don’t know where this comes from.

Maybe your pop-under partner in crime, has it’s own pop-under?

do people really surf the net with out POPUP blockers?


His 'puter is probably full of spyware.

I am not using pop up blockers as well…
Especially not on this site, for obvious reasons…I’d hate for this to become a pay site…

I do use pop-up blockers and spyware, but lately a couple have been getting thru, here.

I dont mind banners at all, I often click them, and have found many of the shops I use now through them.

I do however use a pop-up blocker because you dont have any option to look at them, and they are in your face. Plus some of them open new popups, so within a few seconds you have 40 windows open and have to close the whole group, by this time your computer is opening more and the whole thing goes slow.

Even with pop-ups allowed I never found them too bad for CDFreaks. Remember, however much we hate adverts they are what keeps the internet free.

Ben :slight_smile:

when you load the site you usually get one. when you click an article you get another, that actually gets through opera’s popup blocker.

I don’t think I’ve ever got any popups when visiting here.

I guess I should thank Firefox.

Sorry pal, but no spyware on this 'puter :stuck_out_tongue:

I use Opera 7.51, which block pop-ups fine, but not pop-unders as used on this site.

And no I do NOT have ANY spyware!

well in over a year ive not had one pop up from this site, if your system isnt at fault i say the problem lies between the chair and keyboard.

I said that using Opera the pop-unders do NOT get stopped!

What browser and version are you using?

That this websites uses pop-unders is a fact, and I am not the only one experiencing these, just read ckin2001’s reply:

“when you load the site you usually get one. when you click an article you get another, that actually gets through opera’s popup blocker.”

once again, just tested

on page load, opera 8 beta blocks a popup (mainpage)

on clicking article, popunder occurs that gets past blocker (because it was due to a user-click)

pebkac is not the reason brownstone. please verify that you do not have this problem with these browsers, and then we’ll talk.

It doesn’t always happen, but just happened to me. Add http://.fastclick. to adblock and it should go away.