Two Playstation consoles not booting after attempted save (Mod problem). Details inside

Thanks for helping –

Here’s the deal.

I have been modding for years, and successfully modded two Playstation SCPH 7501 systems (old school, I know) with an elite 7 wire mod obtained from

Everything went smoothly, games were booting fine, until I decided to attempt to save my state. I dont know if it was because I had a (not only used) but “generic” memory card, but when I attempted to save my state the game froze. No biggy, powered off. Turned things back on and get the menu that says “Memory Card / CD Player” options. At first, since it was on one of the systems that were older, I felt it might be the hardware or a poor mod installation on my part - so I tested the idea on the second system by attempting another save.

Same thing. Now both systems give the same error. I have since looked at my soldering job, checked all wiring and even replaced the laser reader in one of the machines. No luck. :disagree:

My last attempt will be to remove the entire chip and attempt to boot off an original, and see if that works. I actually have NO original playstation games because they’re all scratched or cracked… Until some more money comes my way I won’t be testing any.

Before I go through all of that, is there any modders or guys that might have some input on my situation? I mean, the install is fantastic, and I know my problem is related to the memory card. What should I do!?

Again its a 7 wire elite mod, on two SCPH 7501 models. What’s going wrong here!? I’ve done much harder installs on PS2s and Xbox machines with success.

Thanks everyone, my wife and I would love to start playing the ps1 again…