Two Pioneer DVR-115D are ok?



ok here’s my question. I have two dvd burners on my system now, the Pioneer DVR-115 and the Samsung 203B. The Pioneer is set as Master & the Samsung as Slave. Now that i received another Pioneer 115D, i want to replace my Samsung with the new Pioneer. My question is, will both Pioneers work great togther or will I have troubles. I read somewhere that Pioneer 115 should always be set to Master, but if I have two units, will I have any type of troubles. Thanks all.


I am running two DVR115D burners both are set to cable select.

On my second computer I have two DVR112D burners running that are set to cable select.

Back up computer has DVR112D paired with a DW1655 both set to cable select.

No problems with any of the systems.


Hey thanks for the reply. I read somewhere that cable select is no good. Can anyone confirm.


I read somewhere that the earth is flat but I did not believe that either.

Install the units in your case and try it… You are the only one that can determine what works best for you in your system.

Over 8000 [eight thousand] burns is confirmation enough that cable select works for me.


Personally I never use Cable select, just Master and Slave, I think all Dell computers come configured with Cable select on their drives.


Most systems with proper PATA controllers and cabling won’t pitch a fit with cable select. Still, every now and again, you’ll run into times when master and slave are required. I use master and slave just to be safe, most of the time [though I rarely have 2 drives on 1 cable].


Thanks all. Much appreciated for the help. I will try Master/Slave approach and then try cable just to see. I just wanted to see if using both same pioneers units that I will not lose speed.


is there problem with the s203b. you know 115d is not a scanning drive? s203b can with slight registry modification.

dont get me wrong here i prefer to use use my 115d for burning. but would be useless if i didnt also have 165p6s or the 20a1p for scanning. :slight_smile:


I don’t think you will have any problem with one as master and the other as slave as that is the way I have my 112’s hooked up. I would stay from cable select as it may cause some problems


Thanks again all. I have been trying to understand this thing about scanning. When troy512 you say it’s not a scanning drive, what does that mean. Is it good for ripping only and not burning, or vice a versa.


Pioneer drives are not reliable for quality scanning, newer Samsungs & Optiarcs are kinda, Liteons and Benq are preferred scanners.


Liteons and Benq are preferred scanners. By saying scanners, does this mean ripping + burning quality is excellent as compared to Pioneer or Samsung. Also opinion, which is the best Liteons to buy now. Thanks again.


You are confused about the terms Scanning - Burning - Ripping.
These are three different functions.

The Pioneer is a very good burner.
The Pioneer is a very good but slow Ripper. [reader]
The Pioneer does not function as a Scanner.

The function of Scanning is to check the quality of the finished product and has nothing to do with Ripping or Burning of the disk.


Benhad thanks alot for explaining. I new to cdfreaks and I’m trying to read as much as i can with my time. Cdfreaks is an awesome place for learning.