Two phase burn



Hi all,

I 've got most of the code working to burn a CD using Nero API. However, due to some client’s hardware restrictions, it seems to have a buffer underrun error during the CD burn.

After some test, we come up an idea to do a two phase burn like following

[li]burn as an image file onto the harddisk
[/li][li]burn the new image file onto the CD-R

Althought this does not resolve the buffer underrun error, however, it increase the successful rate during the burn.

I want the process go straight without asking client for image file name nor selecting the image burner. The client will still select the burner from the drop down, but behind the scene will do the two phase burn.

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Yes, it is possible. You should first burn your compilation to an Image Recorder, handling OnFileSelImage in the process, providing the temporary image filename yourself in code. When image burning is complete, you should do another burn process to the real recorder as selected by the user.