Two P2P programs on one computer?

Is it advisable to install to P2P programs at the same time? If so what would your recommendations be for two programs that provide access to different sources so as to maximize my ability to find the music I am looking for. I like shareaza but am willing to change.

Generally you can install as many P2P applications as you like, but the performance will be affected if you try using two or more simultaneously downloading/sharing files. It is also possible to run two applications that use the same file sharing network, such as two or more different BitTorrent clients.

The only thing you will need to check in the case of two on the same network (e.g. Shareaza and Limewire) is that both are using different incoming port numbers and that if your using a hardware firewall or router that these port numbers are mapped to your PC.

Sure it 's possible and not even hard. I run BitTornado 3.18 and uTorrent all day long while searching at my different trackers. I will have one of the latest flicks coming to me from SCC or ScT on uTorrent often at the same time and I will also be grabbing some music or audio books from or the trick is to make sure that you have them configured properly which really isn’t that big of a deal. Just ensure that they aren’t trying to use the same port. I will have uTorrent on say port 54345 and BitTornado on45678. The other really important thing is to make sure that you have the bandwidth to support this or your DL will take all day and your ratio may suffer.