Two out of three American teens oppose file sharer fines

I just posted the article Two out of three American teens oppose file sharer fines.

StrongBad reports us that two-thirds
of American teenagers (13-18 years old) oppose fining individuals who offer
copyrighted music online for other people to download. This is the…

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“Additionally, 74% of teens said that downloading copyrighted music files from the Internet without paying for it should be legal.” Additionally, 74% of teens are utter morons. Give any artist one good reason they should let YOU distribute something THEY have the rights to. Why are people such idiots? Bands should probably come to your house and perform live for you for free too. Damn those rich bastard bands why won’t they work for free for me? After all, I… well I did download their CD, so they owe it to me. After comments like this it’s no wonder that horrid groups like Sugar Ray have millions of dollars of teenager’s money. /MLS

MLS - You’re the utter moron here. Back in the old days music was free on the radio. People didn’t buy record after record because people didn’t own 3 or 4 phonograph machines like every teenager owns 3 or 4 disc players now. Even 8 tracks and tapes weren’t too bad, but 9 times out of 10 a teenager had a tape full of music they recorded off the radio and only a handfull of store bought tapes. Kids don’t have unlimited budgets. I probably only bought 8 or 9 tapes my entire teenage life and it wasn’t until college when I had a job that I joined BMG club and bought 50-60 CD’s. I’ve only bought maybe 3 or 4 in the last 7 years in protest. CD prices never came down to the price of tapes even though CD’s are far cheaper to make. No…the music industry raped us because they could and wanted the quick buck. Nowadays radio is controlled by the recording industry and you’re stuck listening to what their flavor of the week is. Filesharing has blown the lid off the music industry and will continue to do so. It’s time for the consumer avenge themselves and bring justice to the evil recording industry. There is no way the music industry will stop it, try as they might. The music industry needs to write off CD’s and MP3’s as advertising (i.e. give away music to promote an artist) and start focusing on live performances and merchandise like T-Shirts. You feel sorry for the artists??? Don’t. A true artist will find another label, one less greedy and more sensible to make money from. If an artist is good enough and packs concert hall after concert hall, he’ll still make his millions. CD’s however, will no longer be a cash cow.

" Kids don’t have unlimited budgets. I probably only bought 8 or 9 tapes my entire teenage life and it wasn’t until college when I had a job that I joined BMG club and bought 50-60 CD’s." Cry me a river. “But, but, but, CDs are so much MONEY!” So is computer hardware, so are a lot of things, what a poorly thought out excuse. Here on earth goods and services cost money, get used to it. Perhaps you can use all the money you save from downloading music to buy yourself a violin. Second, this whole attitude that you download music to “fight the evil RIAA” is a load of crap. I mean come on, you mean to tell me you sit at home and queue up some songs and think to yourself “TAKE THIS RIAA, THE FIGHT GOES ON!” Again, utter stupidity at its prime. You aren’t doing it to fight any evil corporation, you’re doing it so you can listen to it without paying, quit hiding behind tired platitudes and admit to yourself that you’re really just a leech who thinks he deserves the world on a silver platter. So before you lamely attempt to flame me maybe you’ll conjure a more well construed argument that in the end will serve your so-called cause more than insulting me ever will. Ta, MLS

If I were meeting you in person, MLS, I think you’d have a wound that needs immediate attention. Here’s my position, find holes that you will (it’s your nature), I’m an 18 year old senior in high school. I have a job, it pays $7/hr, and I get taxes taken out now, so I really bring home about $5-$5.50/hr. I also spend 6.5 hours/day in school, taking Honors & AP classes, which requires atleast 2 hours of homework every night. Therefore, I have full time job of school, spending about 42.5 hours a week on that, plus I also have varying hours at work, usually 10-15 hours, so I have about 50-60 hours a week of stuff that I need to do, and less than 15 hours of it pays money, so on a good week I make about $80, plus tips, so I get about $100 or so (your not supposed to tip, but they do anyways). I have several things to take care of, like my car & the insurance (which is about $1800/yr). I need gas, I need any repairs that might be needed, so I need to have money on hand. Currently, I have about $1500 in cash, and I have an old PC that I want to upgrade, so I need to get a new mobo, cpu, ram, hd, video card, that’s gonna cost a few hundred, so I’ll be lucky to have $800 left, I might even go dualies, so that’d be extra money, I’d have about $400 left if I’m lucky. I also have other things to do, I rent movies, so I want to have money for that. I actually own 1/3 of the house, so my parents charge me a little rent, $50/mo, and a little of the electricity, about $30. So, when you’re making about $400/mo, and $80 goes to your parents, so you have $310 to start with, and then you have to pay insurance, keep some for car repairs, keep in mind your going to upgrade your PC, and have enough to buy just random stuff, and don’t forget the girlfriend. Now, add to that the fact that I have very little free time, does it make sense for me to go out to Best Buy or and just buy every CD I want? I really don’t have the money to waste on a friend’s reccomendation which turns out to be a shitty band, I don’t even have much time to actually listen to the CDs I have as it is. Oh, and did I mention that I’m learning to play guitar, and eventually want to be in a band. No, I didn’t think I did. Well, there’s some more hours of non-CD-listening-to to add to my already full schedule. Ah! HA! you say, you’re going to be an artist, wouldn’t you want to get paid? Here’s my answer to that oh so inevitable question (hole) you are asking: If I was in a little band, I would encourage free downloading (some of my friends do that on Kazaa, used to do it on Napster), for publicity, get the kids at school interested, so they go to our shows. If I were a large artist getting radio time, I wouldn’t really mind, because it’s a loss of about 20% (if you believe the RIAA, but I found holes in their reports which shows they were producing negative millions of tapes, something that is impossible to do, so if they can report that, how can I or you or anybody else believe their figures of losses?). That’s 20% off of millions, which is still millions. Would you be content with millions? I would. Also, I have not bought a single CD this century :slight_smile: And, CDFreaks should consider implementing something that shows the first 500 characters of a post, with a link to expand it, it would prevent posts like this one from taking up so much space :X

You, post#4 guy, seem to have taken my stance to the extreme. I have no problem with people distributing their own music over the internet. That is their perogative, its their intellectual property. I do not, however, sympathize with anyone’s sad story about how poor they are that they can’t afford to buy music. You’d think these people were starving fathers trying to steal bread to feed their retarded, blind, mute and deaf only son who wants to be an astronaut someday but is held back by the cruel hand of fate. There are so many things that I want for free, a mansion, a nice plasma monitor, etc. But I don’t have the money for those things, how come nobody is crying for me? I have no reason to cry for you. I very much agree that the current music industry business model is made very obsolete by the internet, but by going to the other extreme and saying that it all should be free is illogical. If bands don’t make money, they don’t make music. If software companies don’t make money, they dont make software. If a business is not making money it ceases to be a business and any service that you were stealing from them will dwindle and die, leaving you, and everyone else, without it. Maybe you want to make time in your busy schedule for an economics class. On a side note I have no wound that needs attention :), I usually post replies to posts that were addressed to me with equal animosity, which should show in this post to you. vaya con Dios, MLS
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Oh MLS fancy all those other “horrid” posters saying “horrid” things about you. I think it’d really “horrid”…I also think you sit down to piss…your response to flames show you are convinced your argument is the right one and for the sake of better judgement I guess we should all “charge windmills” at one time in our life…but don’t try to take the moral high ground here…this is a level playing field…er group…er forum…

myes, I guess explaining economics to people is rather pointless. /MLS
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MLS: See, heres your problem. You sit there and cry Waahh the artistss need to be paid for their work when the whole point of being an artist is NOT to be paid but SPREAD their music. You obviouslly got caught up in the RIAA’s economics, yes artists need to be paid, but when someone distros their music on said p2p program is NOT a reason to go suing anyone and everyone (the way the RIAA does it). I believe my best example of a TRUE artist would be Dave Matthews Band, whereas Dave Matthews said. “I dont care if people trade my music, as long as they dont sell it”. That is what a TRUE artist says, not someone crying cause their latest album hits Kazaa a week before it hits shelves. Do yo understand what im sayin? TRUE artists make music to ENTERTAIN people, not to make multimillions of dollars (that is just a perk :wink: )

I think of the whole story of sharing vs. making money as a problem we’ll have to live on with. Extremes are bad. Neither of you guys is fully right. Paying for music is OK as long as I am not overpaying for it. $ 15 for a CD is OK if all the revenues go to people who deserve the money (the artists). But the fact is, the artist doesn’t get as much as we think. Yeah, making money out of tours should be the main thing an artist should do. But let’s face it: how many bands are really up to taking a good ol’ tour raising millions of fans and making them come to concerts in order to see a LIVE performance? The fact that the artist is there on the stage doesn’t necesarily mean that he is singing LIVE. Playback is a common practice nowadays. And most of the fans couldn’t tell whether their favourite artist is playing live or is just a mime. I can tell, but 80-90% of people cannot. The remark about the “good old times when music was free on the radio” is pretty pointless. There were older times when there was no radio, what about that? Now about the need of the artist to make money out of the music to feel motivated, that’s another thing I am not okay with. I feel motivated to make music without getting paid, and I am happy with it. Of course I’d like to have a big house and a fast motorbike (yeah, I hate cars) but not out of teenagers’ money. Of course I’d like to live sorrounded by lavish stuff, but I don’t want to get it from overcharging people for my music. And as for me, good music is good music no matter whether it’s played for money or for free. I really miss the menestrels :slight_smile: Oh, and another word or two about this survey: “There were 642 respondents who were aged 13-18 years old”. Oh, come on… the number is not relevant for a general opinion, and well, not even the age. Especially concerning legal parts of the subject. I could as well ask babies aged 0-5 and get pretty much the same answers (except for all the coos ofcourse). This survey only shows that teenagers don’t think as much as they are supposed to nowadays. Maybe it’s because their brains got infected with all the misunderstood “freedom” being stuffed in their heads everyday. Downloading is not a right, it’s a law infringement. We might not like the laws (I certainly don’t) but we should follow thw laws. And yes, I do download music because I can’t buy it from anywhere. And I don’t mean the commercial crap widely available. I mean MUSIC! And well, come over to Romania and get a wage of $ 150/mo and then think about buying $ 15 CDs which only have a track or two with good music (that in case you’re lucky). I bought the last Metallica album hoping I could find at least a good track on it. $ 25 went off my pocket and I ended up with ear-aching noise on the CD. I re-sold it with $ 8 to a friend, which has re-re-sold to another guy for $ 4 :slight_smile: i guess eventually it’ll get as cheap as a blank CD. And I wouldn’t be surprised, as long as the music on it is just as good as nothing. Downloading music from the Internet should be ok as long as people give the artists the right to get paid, but not that much. And that’s for me the end of the story.

You make good points warforpeace, and yeah it would be nice if most artists made music for the sake of art. But for most it is their job and they depend on it as a source of revenue. I am aware that many people say that the artist sees little of the record sales money, that is a problem. Thanks for formulating well thought out responses at least. I am sure that problem will be addressed soon, if any of you read the article that was posted (I think) here recently about the RIAA becoming obsolete. Anywho, I think we’re done here. vaya con queso, MLS

MLS, actually most of the artists (and I stick to music here) make way more money than needed for a decent living. Even underground bands. My underground album was sold in about 2000 copies and I made a surprisingly large amount of money. And mine is one of the smallest bands ever seen :slight_smile: