Two of three plead guilty in huge US CD piracy bust

I just posted the article Two of three plead guilty in huge US CD piracy bust.

Hypnosis4U2NV used our news submit to tell us “I’m surprised that Cd’s are still very popular since DVDs
have gotten just as cheap…”
It seems a few gentlemen living in California…

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pretty interesting how all 3 men are chinese, but they specialized in latin music. in wonder why that was the case…possibly that california has a large population of latins in which they could just distribute easier…

latin music is VERY popular

Well I suppose these three enlightened fellows felt that although Latin music sucks, Chinese music is the worst. :S

They knew where the money was – Latin music in California, and overpriced software! :slight_smile: Huuuuge operation if the numbers are correct, which they never are.

I went to the Jiffy Lube the other day and when i was done the mechanic tried to sell me bootleg movies… Everyone’s in on it…

Yay for the good guys… BTW why say latin when it was flat out Mexican stuff, I doubt they had any cuban music in the bunch.