Two Newb Question About My BenQ1620

Media: There is a sale on that ends today, I can get 200 - 4X Mitsumi OR BenQ and either in + or - R for $60. Been looking at media results thread but I’m not certain. Which one should I get? Actually, I have an order in for -R Mitsumi and + R BenQ, I would like to cancel one of the orders. It’s a long story, I ordered the Mitsumi first and before I knew DVD recorders were so picky about media. Either CD recorders aren’t so picky or I’ve been extremely lucky. I tried looking up specs to match media to firmware patch media support additions but I don’t know what they are.

DVD Backup Software: I want to backup some of my DVDs, and I was thinking about getting the Clone DVD + AnyDVD. Is this a good choice for my burner and experience level (first burner, don’t have any blank media yet)? Better products?

Thanks very much for your help.

No need to buy anything to backup your (movie) DVDs :bigsmile:.

Just download DVD Shrink (this link will take you to a guide on how to use it; there is also a link to download) and DVD Decrypter.

That’s all you need.

Personally, I use Decrypter first, to RIP to my hard drive, then I Shrink the film before buring with Nero. Others probably do it differently… I think you can shrink, then burn to DVD with Decrypter. Someone here will know the best way to backup :bow: :bow: :bow:


Thanks much Legs for the freeware pointers.

Reviewing older threads it looks like my question about which media has no right or wrong answer. Some folks say the BenQ media is great others say it’s terrible, should get the BenQ +R media but isn’t -R more compatible with DVD players? (I have a Toshiba and a Panasonic). Only saw negative comments about Mitsumi media.

For the most part it really wont matter which media you get the 1620 is a good DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW writer either way, although the DVD- format does have a slightly higher compatibility rate the 1620 bit sets* all DVD+ media to DVD-ROM so I doubt your players would have any trouble even if they didn’t support the DVD+R/RW format.

*Changes the discs ID so it reports as DVD-ROM instead of DVD+R, DVD+RW etc…

Go with the + media. Works fine on the standalone Toshiba’s I’ve tried, and Panasonic models as well. With the bitsetting, no problems. I’ve using the ricohjpnr01 dye on DVD+R media.

with new f/w, dvd-r on benq1620p also good.

Yes, it’s a very good choice. They are both pretty simple and straight forward to use. For your level, I think they will serve your purposes well. I use both of them and think that they do their intended purposes quite well.

I don’t know about the -R Mitsumi, but the 4X +R Mitsumi that I have burns VERY poorly. The -R may be OK though - it really depends on the media code and whether or not the BenQ drive knows about it. Perhaps others have tried this and can give you better advise. I’d consider this one the most risky, though.

I also have +R BenQ media (bought from FutureShop a few months back). Your 1620 will likely burn these discs fine - but only at 4X. In my opinion, you should be a bit careful buying large quantities of any 4X media for the following reasons:

  1. It takes 16 minutes to burn a full disc and the quality most likely will not be any better than 8X media burned at 8X or even overspeeded to 12X.

  2. There’s limited room inside the BenQ firmware for media support, and newer firmware upgrades will be required to support newer disc formulations. So support for 4X legacy discs is likely to vanish over time, and a future firmware upgrade could make your discs unwritable.

  3. There doesn’t seem to be much of a cost advantage. In fact, for the first time, I’m seeing higher prices for 4X media now than for 8X media. And the prices for 8X media are continuing to drop, so soon you’ll likely be able to buy them for less than the “boxing days” cost of 4X media.

  4. Unless you plan to do a lot of disc burning, you’ll have these discs lying around for a very long time. And if you do happen to do a lot of burning, then you’ll likely want to write them faster than 4X.

Given a choice, it’s usually best to go with the +R media. While there are definitely exceptions to this recommendation, and it definitely depends on the media you choose, your odds of a successful burn on the 1620 are a bit higher with +R, in my opinion. Also note that there’s lots of bad media out there, and there’s media out there that your BenQ doesn’t properly support, so it pays to be a bit careful.

Legs2sag hit it dead on. DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter are two EXCELLENT programs when it comes to backing up movies. Highly recommended!

People are reporting getting Benq 8X media shipped instead of the 4X they ordered, good deal…Benq 8X +R are Daxon code -R is either sony or fuji, get the -R, my experience with Daxon code media is that they are not constant.

I will certainly send back the Mitsumi media, and wait and see what I get from them for +R media. I have a lot of movies to back up though I probably won’t go to the effort for some of them.

I ordered a ‘cheap’ 200 pack fully expecting to make coasters for my entire extended family while I’m learning and experimenting. If it goes well I might even get a few movies backed up :slight_smile:

I’m going to try the freeby software first, then the trial CloneDVD and see what works for me.

Thanks very much to all for your input.

I can personnaly tell you to stay away from Mitsumi 4x -R from futureshop…they are crap! (media code is VDSPMS if i am not mistaken).

I bought a 25 pack spindle and got 6 coasters before it finally burned the movie… kept crashing all the time. The salesman I spoke with when I went back there recommanded me the BENQ +R and agreed that the Mitsumi are really crappy…

I personnaly tried the Memorex 4x +R 25 pack spindle and the quality is very good…getting 97% quality burns. I am very satisfied with those (ricohjpn 01 media id i believe)