Two new forums have been added to the Club CD Freaks Forums listing



I just posted the article Two new forums have been added to the Club CD Freaks Forums listing.

CD Freaks does not only bring news, we also feel that the community spirit of our site is important and Club CD Freaks, our community part, is the largest CD and DVD community in the…

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I am personally waiting for the HDTV BluRay Pron Forum myself :d


I am waiting for Halle Berry to sit on my face… :stuck_out_tongue: :S


Sorry, I immediately deleted all Pr0n from their forum server, when they gave me root access :d


Halle sez thats cos your nose is bigger than your dick…jez jokin…:X


I have been to these forums and am very impressed with Seáns and everyones hard work. The articles are consise, easy to understand yet complete! Great job to everyone involved. :slight_smile: I am glad there is some things coming down the hardware/software pipe and we as a community will be ready and waiting to face all challenges.
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pron?? is this some new way of saying porn??