Two new blue-laser HD-DVD formats has been announced



I just posted the article Two new blue-laser HD-DVD formats has been announced.

The Industrial Technology Research Institute  (ITRI) of Taiwan  together with 28 companies has established  the Advanced Optical Storage Research Alliance (AOSRA) whose purpose is to  gain...
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Shoot! If they can’t come up with a standard for DVD that everyone accepts, how the heck do they expect to come up with a standard for Blu-Ray? DVD has 2 competing standards and now we have 4 competing standards for Blu-Ray. :stuck_out_tongue:


Smabbage is right. I mean, how many formats do we need? Just one, which ever is the one that everyone uses should be the standard. Just like VHS over Betamax. We don’t need all these extra formats that only leads to confusion. If you can’t choose a standard by looking at how many people uses A over B, then the one that has the best compatibility and expandability (whether it be increased storage capacity, better error checking and correction, etc…) should be chosen. Why is that so hard?
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You standard freaks forget that competition is a good thing and that it allows the consumer to make the choice and NOT the manufacters. We had the choice between VHS and Beta and we choose VHS. Now there are two DVD formats and I like plus format better although the minus format is still a little cheaper.


I am not to fussed about the competing standards, what i am fussed about is quality of the discs that will be used. I still have problems with the quality of the discs for dvd burning.


Oh well, DVD format for now. Wait another 6-12 months and see what Blu-Ray has to offer. Unless you need to back up a lot of data (like music and movie files) then the old hard disk and dvd will be good for now…:g