Two mysterious folders formed in C Drive



I just found something strange on my computer running Windows XP SP3. I looked inside C Drive and there I found two folders with names eb8435c250d3ee5405b83900 and a3cffaa633b682ffd4e63e6c. Inside one ther are two other folders with names amd64 and i386, both containing a few dll files, among other things. Inside the other is another folder named i386. Inside this I saw a multitude of files. I have no idea when these folders were formed. I am sure they were not there earlier. What exactly are these? Is there any harm in deleting them? Any help is appreciated.


They are your system drivers, do not delete if you plan on using the computer.


If the folders are in the root of your C: drive or in a temporary folder, they are likely leftovers from an earlier installation or update.

If the folders are somwhere in or under your WINDOWS directory, they most likely contain something your system needs in order to run properly.

If you are not sure what something is, you shouldn’t delete it.


Try renaming the folders by adding a few letters at the end of the name (e.g. “.new”) and then re-booting. If you have any problems you can rename them back to the original easily, otherwise you can safely delete them. As DrageMester said, if they’re in C:\ they are most likely leftover from an install program that was written by lazy programmers that couldn’t be bothered to use the system temp folder…


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Microsoft updates


Thanks DrageMester and Midders, for your valuable advice.


di just puts all those Folders [B]as hidden [/B]so they not in my Face all the time


[QUOTE=diane7;2489734]di just puts all those Folders [B]as hidden [/B]so they not in my Face all the time[/QUOTE]I wouldn’t touch them since they are supposed to vanish after a while.



Before you delete these, do a search in “My Computer” using the search term “i386”. Select “View Details” mode. You will now see where all of your i386 folders are located. As long as they are located in your Windows System and System 32 folders, then you are perfectly safe to delete these mysterious folders from your D drive and Desktop etc.

"After you install the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 in Windows XP or Windows Server 2003, there is an arbitrary folder that is generated in the root of drive C (and sometimes in the D drive and elsewhere). This folder contains two subfolders that are named amd64 and i386. These two subfolders both include the following files:

  • Filterpipelineprintproc.dll
  • Msxpsdrv.inf
  • Msxpsinc.gpd
  • Msxpsinc.ppd
  • Mxdwdrv.dll
  • Xpssvcs.dll

An example of this folder’s arbitrary location and name might be “D:\54c3cdc3c1d136c4c8dcabe077” and containing the i386 and amd64 folders within its contents.

These files were pending to be deleted from the XPSEPSC installation.


To resolve this issue, delete the folder manually."

Perform the same for the amd64 in the search.

Also, before you delete these, make a system restore point:

In Xp: Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore (pop up window) > Select “Create a System Restore Point”


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