Two movies on One DVD

Hi Guys,

How do I place two 1 hour movies onto one DVD disc using DVD Shring.

Any tips. Thanks.

If both your movies are already in dvd form, or they are mpeg2 in dvd compliant configuration, then what I would do would be to author a dvd with a menu that you could use to select either movie. For that you need an authoring program, like TMPGenc Author 1.6, DVDLab Pro, Nero Vision, the Ulead programs, or something similar. These commercial programs usually have a free demo that you can try out, and I really recommend using one of them, as they are easier to use and more polished.

There are some free authoring programs, like DVDAuthorGui. Check out the program here and read the guide for using it. There is also GUIforDVDAuthor, here

You don’t seem confidant that your movies will fit onto one dvd. If that is the case after you make this new dvd with the new menu, you can always run it through DVDShrink to make it fit onto one disk. It will transcode and be reduced in size like any other dvd that you have used in Shrink.

Hi mor1

Open DVD Shrink click on open file if they are on your HDD make sure you open the movie you want to play first and at the top click on re-author, then drag the title under main movie over to the left side under DVD Structure, now click on the DVD Browser tab and open the drop down menu under the DVD Browser tab and locate the 2nd movie you want and drag that title under the main movie and now just back it up the way you normally do with shrink.

Tim :cool:

That is how I did it with Star Trek 2 and 3 and they joined together great

Thanks for the tips guys.