Two movies on one disk?

Apologies if this has been asked before - is this now possible with the Choose your own compression option?

If so, how do you do it?



@ RichieP,

Suggest you visit the below link that provides some information on how to join multiple episode DVD’s and/or joining double-sided (flipper) DVD’s to one VOB File Set that can be processed by DVD2one.


i did goodfellas and it worked perfectly,but now i have been working on fellowship of the ring for a few days now with only marginal results. on my third try i got a disk that didnt lock at the splice but navigation seems messed up,cant move through chapters correctly and the time display jumps around. the entire first disk is vob id 1 except for the last .15 seconds of the movie,which is vob id 2. i changed the first vob id from disk 2 to vob id 3,but it just locks at the splice point. the one time it kinda worked i only kept the main audio and i stripped the vob’s in ifoedit. this is obviously a much more complex dvd than goodfellas.

any suggestions?

Maybe it would work if you copied and pasted the files from the 1st compression into the VIDEO_TS of the 2nd compression,and maybe just maybe it would work since all the files would be in their proper place. I could be wrong,but it sounds logical…:confused: