Two models of BenQ 1640 ? "B" and "G"



There is now a second model of the BenQ mentioned in the Benq Download Center .
You can find a firmware update for the “B” and for the “G” series.
Most people (including me) seem to have the “B” model - does anyone know the differences to the new “G” model??


The G version is for OEM drives. There are no other differences.


More interesting question is, can you convert OEM into RETAIL, just like with 1620?


ehh, what’s the point if the only difference is the added software and cardboard box ?


Because other companies re-brand the drives as their own and sell them on.





Maybe it is a little offtopic, but is the Benq 1640 also avaible from Philips? I´m looking for a new drive and I don´t like the ugly Benq-design


Not yet…


I don’t think that they are the same models because if you look at the firmware update description it is different between the retail and the oem


if you dont like the benq design, go qith the new plextor


They have the identical boot code and media speeds.


As long as they decide not to charge a $50 price premium for the same hardware, thats a great idea. :stuck_out_tongue:



If the price of the 740 is fair, perhaps. But is it avaible in black?


yes.its also avaible in black.and the plextor design is much better than the org. benq.


Hope the 740 is getting cheaper, it costs this time ca. 25 € more than the 1640