Two LTR-52246S questions?


I bought a 52x24x52 Lite-On CD-RW at Staples few days ago and having two questions: (1) Green light means the disk is being read, and red means the disk is being write. What about yellow?? (2) I use a 48x CDR disk and my CDRW’s DMA is on, but my CD-RW took around 4 and half minutes to burn a 650mb audio disk, is it normal or a little long? Thanks.

  1. if the light turns yellow while burning, then there’s either a buffer problem or smart-burn is kicking in to decrease the burn speed

  2. smart-burn probably felt that 48x was too fast for the media u use and slowed it down to prevent errors. writing a 700mb cd at 48x should take around 2:45 (i forgot exactly how much time) if everything goes ok.