Two LiteON LVW 5005A, US, Returned Multiple times to RMA, Same Problems, Please HELP!

I have a problem and do not know what to do next. I have already return both my LiteON LVW 5005A, July 2004 made, multiple time to LiteON RMA to be fixed. Each time they sent back the machine, the same problems are still there. I live in the US, Connecticut. I am connected to Comcast Cable television. The coaxial cable is connected directly into the machines, and I am using RCA connecters to both machines, because I have older TV’s without S Video, and only 1 in and out available. I use both machines to record my shows and my wife shows using mostly timer recordings, just like you would with a VCR. The only problem is the recordings are not coming out properly or sometimes not at all.

Here are the problems:

1.When using timer recording, usually recording for a 3 to 5 hour stretch, using mostly 6 hour mode, about half the time the recording fails after around the 2nd or 3rd hour in, which makes the whole recording not available. I have also tried using the 4 hour mode, when recording less and get the same problem about half the time. I use LiteOn approved media for the 5005.

2.Also using the timer recorder, I get an audio sync problem, also about half way through the recording. I would be ok if it was an old karate movie, but it makes it almost unwatchable. Again it doesn’t happen all the time, but a good majority. This has happened to ever machine I have gotten back from LiteON RMA.

3.Again using timer recording, if recording say from 8-9, than 9-10 concectively, it loses between 30 to 40 seconds of recording time, even on the same channel or different channels. Also, I have had lock ups on the machine when doing recordings this way. This only seems to happen using timer recordings.

Here is my dilemma, I have already returned both machines to LiteON RMA multiple times, both still having the same problems. I have update the firmwares after trying it with the firmwares it came with, but still the same problem. I have 1098, US firmware for both. I spent good money on these machines, but they have become worthless because of the unreliability of the machines. What do I do next. It is already past 30 days to return to where I bought them. I probably should of paid more money and bought a Sony or someother well known brand. How can I get LiteON to give me a product that works.

Please help with any advice.


I suspect the sync problems are worse on SLP than the high quality speeds.I dont know why this should be but the function is there so you’d expect it to work.The lost 30/40 seconds between timer recordings is common with all 5005s.Every time the machine stops a recording it seems to need to write something to the disc to end the session.Unless new firmware can resolve the length of the ‘stopping’ time,we’re all stuck with it…If you’re setting the timer right and selecting the correct recording speed and it’s cutting off after 2 or so hours then i reckon your machine’s got to go back again.I’ve read on here that people have had the same problem with the OTR (one touch recording)mode.The ‘lock ups’ usually happen when the machine is ‘stopping’ a recording and I guess we’ve all lost recordings due to it,but for it to happen regularly,is unnacceptable…Maybe some one on here knows how to handle Liteon.!Makes my machine look good!

I would demand a total refund or a different model from Liteon!! Did you pay S/H each time you sent it back?? Hopefully they will take care of you!!

I had the same prob with failed recordings with a UK 5005, eventually returned it and the retailer replaced it with a 5004 and I made sure that it was made Dec04 or later as these seem to be better.

I always used +RW so I could then save any vital stuff via pc after a writefail.

If your retailer won’t play ball, try emailing Liteon direct.