Two Lite-on drives

I have a Lite-on iHAS124 W HL05 burner and a DH4B1S 7P5B blu-ray burner. I have as yet been able to copy, backup, or use an xbox360 iso to a DVD+R dl or blu-ray disk. Can’t find a flasher for either. I have the iextreme firmware, but no flasher to put on the iHAS124 W HL05 or even what to do with the DH4B1S 7P5B.

I have tried several flashers to no avail. Being a newbie, I guess I need someone to lead me by the hand and tell me step by step on what to do so I can, do all these things.

Reason? I have a grand nephew of 5 who can just look at a dvd game and have it fade and scratches apear out of no where to the point that the disk is unusable. Even the rental places cant clean them up enough to be usable. And at $50+ a game, we have a small fortune in coasters. We can give him a game and a few days later he will come hin and say “Hey, papaw (or Dad) my game won’t work!!!, fix it please!!!” And of course it is beyound help. Scratches an inch deep, foggy, cracks to the point that he disk is being held together with the front paper. You get the idea. I have all the games in iso form but have as yet to get one to work on the xbox360. According on one person, I need to flash my iHAS124 W HL05 with iExtreme firmware, then do this then that and so forth. I have failed to find a flasher to do this with. The blu-ray sits idle. Don’t know what to do with it. I have read that some of the larger games do well on blu-ray because of thier emeanse size. Providing your xbox360 has a blu-ray reader installed.

I beseach anyone out there to have pity and help this poor old man out and do a hand carry step by step on how to get one iso to work, do a back up, copy one. I have no earthly no idea of how to do this. We, my nephew and myself, have a small fortune tied up in these games. Yes we actually paid for every single one. Go figure on about 60 of them over the past 2 years. He has had some last as long as 2 week or as little as an hour or so. I have sat and watched in amazement at how inocent everything looks as he plays then all of a sudden, he will look at me and say, “Papaw, it quit working, can you fix it?” And of course I can’t. I take the disk to the rental store and let them work on it till they tell me it is impossible to make it work, that’ll be $20 please.

To make a long story short. “H E L P ! ! ! !”