Two LG GSA-E60L cannot burn at the same time

Hey all

Im trying to burn with two LG E50L at the same time and burn times are up from 5 minutes to 55 minutes when both drives burn simultaneously. they are both usb drives and my system should be capable of doing this ie: ram cpu all sufficient.

Thing is i was recently running e40L and E60L simultaneously no problem but since ive gotten two identical drives in sol.

any thoughts?


Welcome to the forum, what is happening when the drives are running together such as errors or hanging etc., are you burning cd or dvd? Hard to guess due to info. you posted.

sorry … no error my friend only that they seem to work but very slow… the burn time goes up to 50 minutes for the drives and the drive lights alternate … i tried slowing the speeds down thinking that might help but no go. maybe alternate speeds.?

I was thinking of diffrent firmware versions for each of the drives but LG only has firmware 1.00 out :S

do you need any more info?

and thank you for the welcome… seems like a very helpful place

oh in addition i am burning DVD media. I have tried to offset the speeds as well by burning one at 12x and the other at 16x etc. what is funny is if i burn two light scribe labels at once i have no problem… so im just wondering what is happening… I even tested at 1x for both drives at the same time and still the slowdown is occurring…