Two layer Blu-ray titles an issue for hardware manufacturers?

I just posted the article Two layer Blu-ray titles an issue for hardware manufacturers?.

 ghetocowboy used our news submit to tell us: "What a joke, they  sue us left and right for breaking the protection. Who is going to sue them for  making product that doesn"t work at all? The...
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Compatibility with BD50s is part of the BluRay-Video specification - if the players prove to be incompatible then people rightly should complain. Have to say though if this turns out to be true it is extremely damaging for BluRay. I have been saying all along that many of the companies associated with BluRay have a poor track record of supporting there products post release - Pioneer for example leftmany buyers of it’s CE DVD recorders high and dry without an easy firmware update when DVD-RW v1.2 came along. Howver who would have thought the problems would have started so early? It doesn’t help BluRay that whilst they are getting everything wrong, Toshiba are really pushing all the buttons with HD DVD. Faults with their players have been quickly resolved via firmware releases and even new features have been added. Maybe the Samsung division over at TSST should walk across the corridor and see how their Toshiba counterparts do it?

Atypical of SONY based ideas and designs, for they never learn from past mistakes and simple errors, because they are aligned to cheap is best, best is cheap!, at all levels from the factory floor to the senior management under Howard’s regime! But I recall, gen 1 CD writers were not only expensive but also suffered from numerous teething problems and recording media variability , until the product matured by the mid 90’s, and allowed Toshiba to develop the DVD as we know it! Oh well, how soon we forget, like all technology Gen 1 is usually crap, full of teething problems,gliches and other headaches! Fence sitting , is looking like the best option for the time being, until specific national testing and conforming standards are enforced like the previous writeable optical media:S

All very reminiscent of the early days of DVD, particularly when cheap machines started appearing. Remember lip synching issues and the like? And some discs that wouldn’t play in one machine or another?