Two Issues with last 5 betas. (drive selection and metadata)



With the round of betas following the last official release (, I have been encountering the following new issues that I didn’t see in the release:

  1. Say I have 2 movies on my HDD that I want to burn to DVD+R (DL). I have 2 DVD burners in my laptop (PCI and USB). I burn the first movie to the USB DVD+R (DL). Success. Then, in the same session, I go back and select the 2nd movie to burn, and the USB DVD drive is still selected and with a new blank disc in it. I click to start the burn, and it ejects my PCI DVD drive and tells me to put a blank disc in it. This behavior repeats until I restart the software. The funny thing is, when it’s asking for a blank disc, it’s prompting me for the correct drive, but ejecting the wrong drive. Thus, I can only burn 1 movie per session of DVD Fab.

  2. When making an MP4 (PS3), DVD Fab always used to fill in “title” and “album” metadata, and “artist” if I input one. With the latest round of betas, it’s not being applied. I’m verifying it’s not there using MP3Tag.

Anyone else experiencing either of these?