Two .iso files onto one DVD

Hi pals…
I have two separate .iso files on my PC which I want to burn in only ONE DVD. I have read here that I can do that with re-author function at DVDShrink, but it was mentioned that the menues are left out and I want each movie to keep their own menues. Can that be done with Shrink or any other tool?
I’d appreciate any help

This is a little vague, vandienk. What do these two .iso’s consist of and how large are they? It may be possible to do what you have in mind, but if this is just a one time thing, spare yourself the trouble of learning dvd-authoring (it will take a lot of time and effort) and just use two discs. Just what I think :slight_smile:

Well, the DVD I want to burn on ONE DVD are the following: THX Surround Demonstration DVD (1.78 GB) and Trailers Collection (2.17 GB). They are just samples to test Home theatres sound and image and so on. I can always extract the individual Audio_TS and Video_TS folders files from the .isos so that I can work with any appz better.
Do you really think it’d be way too time and effort consuming to do it? Cos I’d reallly hate to waste Two whole DVDs just to have something so small.

However, if you think it’s best NOT to do it, guess I have no choice. LOL

Maybe you can do it with a dvd authoring software like dvd lab pro.

There is a trial version of this software, so you can do a test and see if it works

Well, that’s small enough to fit on one DVD as is indeed, so I don’t think you’ll need to “re-author” with DVD Shrink. You can author the material with your own menus and submenus with the program suggested by [B]geno [/B]or with many others (TMPEGEnc DVD Author for example), but whether you can keep the original menus, I’ll leave that to the experts. You will also find guides and tutorials for this on, if one doesn’t come around here. :slight_smile:

Take a look here: :wink: