Two instances of Explorer wont work

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i formatted my computer now a new problem is that when ever i open 2 explorers like my computer and C: drive it says windows explorer has encountered problem and needs to be closed blah blah so what should i do i chked my computers for viruses and all other thing but theres nothing and defragmeneted too no use

[B]@shahs:[/B] I split this off into a new thread, because you say it’s a different problem now. In future, please make a new thread with a changed title.

ahan ok thanx dude i will doo that and please dont mind my spellings because i chat alot and we use shortcuts in it soo hehe sry
so nyone to solve the problem plz

In my experience you 'll find you get more responses here if you take care NOT to write in text/chat language.

ok just leave this tell me how can i fix my problem

Have you tried restoring to the original settings?

ya tried that also no use by the way i think you are talking about internet explorer but i m talking about the folders and things like that not the internet explorer the biggest problem is that when i try to move files or folders it comes again and sometime i loose my data so please tell me any solutions

You’re right, I missed that - sorry.