Two instances of Decryptor at same time?

I’ve searched here and Google to no end w/o any luck.
I know probably long ago this has been asked but I cant find it anywhere. Also didnt see a Decryptor forum so here goes.

Is there any problem with running two instances of DVD Decryptor at once?
I’m backing up some episodic discs and due to time was wondering if I could use one Decryptor with my Rom drive and open another with my Writer drive.
Setup is primary IDE/ master and slave HD’s. (80 wire / 7200rpm)
Secondary IDE/ DVD-writer master/ DVD-Rom slave.
If it is ok to run two at a time should one rip to one HD and the other to another HD or rip to same HD ok?
Thanks for any help. Sorry I could not find the correct combination of words in a search.
Thanks again,


I would be very surprised if you can do this-

However I have been surprised before - so - we’ll see-


i run two instances of DVD Decrypter all the time with my 2 PX-716s and have experienced no problems whatsoever. ripping 2 dual layer originals in a little more than 10 mins is schweet :wink:

As long as your computer has the power I would think it would work fine. some even burn to multiple drives at the same time. As far as which drive to rip to, I’m just guessing here but I would think that since both hard drives are on the same channel it wouldn’t make a diffrence if you write both to one hard drive or to seperate hard drives. Unless your hard drive is slow or something, I would think it would be able to write much faster than both of your dvd drives could read together combined.

That just got me thinking, I have two burners in my more powerfull computer. I wonder if I could copy two movies at a time using two instances of nero and anydvd. I know you can have two instances of nero running but I wonder if anydvd can handle two at once? I might have to give that a try.

Well I gave it a try and it worked but it took longer than normal so I’m not sure that I saved that much time. One took 31 minutes to rip and encode and the other took 38 minutes. Normally it takes anywhere from 6-30 minutes. The cpu was pegged most of the time so I guess thier is a bottlekneck thier. I think I might try a little bit higher overclock.

drpino, thank you for the confirmation. I just didnt want to try it and maybe corrupt a system file or something.
So on you reply I tried with my PX-716 and LtOn167T Rom. Everything appears to be fine.
I ususally peek at 8X on a dual layer and gradually slow back down. With both running they averaged about 6.5X so I think I gained a little. Resources never fell below 41%. Thats with my AMD-XP1800/ 512mbDDR on a Win98SE OS. Not the fastest system now days . 3 yrs old but still performs good. I run it very “clean”.
ripit, thanks for jumping in there and giving it a shot. You may have better results trying 2-Decryptors than Nero/AnyDVD combo. Anyway thanks for the feedback.
bigmike7…Surprise!!! :slight_smile: Thanks for at least offering an opinion. I value and depend on them all.
Salute guys! I very much appreciate your time and advise.

just tryed this myself (athlon 64 3200)…can’t get a higher xfer rate than 9.2 while doing dual rips to the same harddrive. when i do one as an internal and one as an external (usb2) the external runs very slow with many fluctuations. my problem probably lies with the single harddrive settup i am currently running.

drpino: are you ripping to the same harddrive or two two different ones?

I know you guys are running diffrent software than me but since we might run into some of the same issues I though I would continue to contribute if nobody minds (since the thread was originaly about dvd decryptor). Some might be interested in doing it with any dvd and another program anyway. At some point I could probably try decryptor on my system to see how it does too. I’m running an athlon xp2500 overclocked from 333 to 360. I had it overclcoked to 400mhz but after resetting some stuff it would no longer run stable. I just realized that when I reset bios defaults it reset the core voltage (duuhhh) and that is why it would not overclock to 400. I’ll bump the core voltage a little tonight to get it to 400. Then it will be running in time with my pc3200 memory (kingston value ram so the latency is a little slower). That should give a health little boost.
If you guys do see any diffrences with diffrent hard drive setups, I could probably switch one of my burners to the other computer that has raid 0 (it already has 1 burner) and see how going off a single hard drive as compared to a faster raid pair effects it (and I could do a run with dvd decryptor if you guys would like). Let me know if you are interested in my doing that. Either that or I just remembered that I have a dvd rom that is not even installed right now. Unfortunatlly none of my drives are super fast rippers but it still might be a fun experiment. The raid is on a pci card by the way so it would not be stealing bandwith from the burners/rom.

Jonn, you’re very welcome. i don’t think that writing 2 ISOs will have any effect on a critical system file…i just don’t see where that could happen.

i know the below attachment is very difficult to see but here are the details: 2 instances of DVD Decrypter running, ripping discs 3 and 4 of LOTR:ROTK Special Ext Edition, one in 11:04 (avg 8.5X, max 11.9X), the other in 12:29 (avg 7.9X, max 11.2X). nice thing about the PX-716 is how little CPU cycles it takes up (less than any other drive as shown in the CDRLabs review).

i’m ripping to 2X74GB Raptors in RAID 0 which obviously helps (so same drive spryfly). rips are done on the 2nd of my two PCs shown in my sig. it’s overclocked to 2.4ghz from 2.0ghz stock.

drpino, you have got a couple of sweet looking rigs thier. I actually meant to say raid0, not raid 1 (fixed it in the post). My faster rig has raid 1 and the computer I’m talking about putting the drive in has raid 0 (got my raids confused). I would be running raid 1 and raid 0 on my main rig but I ran into controler conflicts between the raid card and the onboard serial raid controler. I’m looking for another card so I can run both (already have the drives).

thanks ripit. yeah, i’m the fool who’s running RAID-0 in both my rigs with no backup (at the moment) :o . still waiting for my 2 250gb HDs to be replaced.

i’ve actually got to do a lot of reorganization with both my rigs…i’ve got a DVD-ROM not connected, 2 IDE HDs not connected and 1 old CD-RW i’m thinking of throwing in.

I spend way too much time poking around my computers so thier is always something that I need to finish. I’m running the raid1 because of past losses due to falure (I’m not good about backing up either. Ideally I would like to run raid 1 and 0 (seperatlly) in both my computers.

i do too, i’ve just left the side panel of rig#1 off so i can just jump in there any time. i really need to backup my stuff a little better too, thinking about RAID1 if i can get my hands on 2 decently priced Samsung SATA HDs.

I have the sides off of my computers too. One of them has a latch and the side just comes off but you have to swing the side out so far to get it off that I would have to move the other computer, so I have been just leaving it off too.
Are you farmiliar with raid cards much? Even if you are not, do you have any thoughts on raid cards? I did all kinds of research last time and still got screwed. Part of my problem is that I am trying to go cheap though. Not the cheapo 20$ cards but the next step up (50-60$ if you shop around). Thier is no way I can afford the 100$+ cards. I wound up getting 160gig hitachi hard drives and then realized that over 137gb really limits you choice with the chaepaer cards. I wound up getting a siig. It was incompatible with the hitachi drives all together and with other drives it was incompatible to boot windows xp (tried several installs and windows would keep corupting on two diffrent computers). is works for a data raid though.
I basically have 2 hitachi 160 gig dirves, 4 matched maxtor 7200rpm 60 gig drives, serial ata raid on the main computer mother board (in addition to the 2 ide channels), and abit serrille adapters so I can use parrellel drives with the serial raid, and the siig raid card. Thiers really no reason I shouldn’t be running three raids right now other than I’m a little reluctant to jump out and buy another raid card. Raptors would be sweet but are also out of my budget by far. I wish I could just get a couple of 20$ cards but bot of what I have now are silicon image chiped cards and so are most of the cheap ones. I have heard that you often cannot have two in the same computer. Any thoughts on cards?

i’m not familiar with RAID cards at all since i’ve never purchased one. from what i’ve read, Promise ones aren’t bad though i don’t know what the compatibility is like. i’ve seen one at newegg that’s like 60-65 bucks. honestly though, i’d be of little help as i’ve got 2 mobos with 4 SATA ports + 2 IDE channels each and don’t have much need for any add-in cards.

No prob. Just figured I would ask in case you did have any experience with a specific card. considering the cost of a good card though, It would almost be worth just buying a motherboard with good raid support. I need to check into motherboards some more. Last time I researched and bought, all the motherboards (that would support an athlon xp anyway) only had raid with the serial drive conections. Is that the case with your motherboards? I’m not asking you to research for me (I can do that myself), just curious how you have your stuff setup (particularlly your raids)? I don’t have the money for new serial hard drives so I have to work with parrellel ones. The serrille adapters (thats not a mis-spelling, thats abits trade name for their adapters, designed to work only with thier motherboards), work great. I’m a little skeptical about generic adapters though.
Are all four of your serial ports raid capable (just wondering what the controller is like)? Again, I’m not looking for you to find answers (i’ll have lots of research to do before I buy again), I was just curious about what you had (since you do raid) and what experiences you have had with your particular hardware.

Some items you may want to look at:
Serial ATA Adapter I’m using four of these for removable parallel ATA HD’s to swap between computers.
And this card which I installed for a friend that works very well and uses the same Silicon Image chip:
SATA Raid Card
Decent price and they work.

buying a new mobo might be worth thinking about (AthlonXP mobos aren’t too expensive these days with all the A64 hoopla).

both of my mobos have Via and Promise SATA controllers (both RAID 0,1,0+1 capable) and both RAID 0s i’ve got are using SATA drives (36 and 74 Raptors). i don’t have 2 identical PATA HDs so no RAID with those. with these mobos and drives, it’s pretty simple.

First, pipemanid, thank you for the info, it was in fact very usefull!!! It is amazing how fast technology moves. Last time I researched raid cards they were all specialized. If companies like buslink are making them though, thier is probably a lot more choice than when I last looked. In fact when I looked, I keept getting conflicting info on adaptec cards as they were updating so fast that even adaptec tech support wasn’t sure what the fuck was going on and needed the serail# of the card to give specific info (I dont have a serial # if I havent bought yet). When you say that you are using four of these though, do you mean four cards in the same computer? For that matter, do you have yours (your friends) setup with even two in the same computer? My main problem is being able to use two silicon image raid controlers in the same computer (because they will crash each other, not always, but it is a gamble).
I guess it is kind of stupid for me to be wasting your guys time asking these questions. I am getting the impression that technology has moved fast (no suprize), and all the problems I had a year ago are probably all resolved. I have a new baby on the way (less than a month to go). When he comes I’ll have to quit drinking of course, so I’ll have a lot more free (sober, rational and bored, extremmly poor, so stuck at home) time to explore this (and I love researching stuff and making comparison charts ). It only gets frusturating when you need it and thier is a time crunch…
pipemanid, The specific cards that were so easy to get and mega cheap last time I looked were syba (same as your adapter). You could not run two of them (or run one with other silicon image based control, including the one on my abit MB and a pci card). Further, the serial to parrellel adapters didn’t work well (the abit one was one of the first that worked righ to the best of my knoledge). That was a year ago though (maybe more). Do the converters work reliablly with high data throughput? Also, why are you using serial and converting it rather than using a parellel raid controler. The only raid controler that works right that I have is serrial converted to parrellel for the drives? I’m just thinking about how to next upgrade my computer (cheap) and or get the raid I want to work. Changing th motherboard in one of my computers wouldn’t be a problem (I would be replacing a frebee pos ecs board), but in the other computer, I really love my abit nf7-s!!!

My MB’s have SATA built in but I went on a spending spree with the 250GB Maxtors when they were on sale at CompUSA. I ended up with two unused SATA ports on my MB’s and picked up some removable drive bays on sale and had some spare PATA drives,so I decided to use my spare drives, install the removable drive bays, and be able to swap HD’s between computers. They work very well and show sustained data transfer rates comparable to PATA. I also installed Linux to one of them and can go into the BIOS and select it as the boot drive and boot into Linux without a possible problematic install on my system boot drive. Right now I have four removable 120GB drives, one is MP3’s, one is a data backup, one is Knoppix 3.8 and the remaining one is just a general use drive with ghosted images of all my system drives. Kind of like having a belt and suspenders but I can’t afford to lose project data.
I’m not sure about co-existing with another SATA controller because the one I installed for my friend didn’t have SATA prior to the install.

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