Two in one data recovery question



Not sure if this is the right spot to post this but…

Ok cats… I have a mountain of a problem on my hands and I have no clue as to what to do…

Heres the gist:
Windows XP f’ed up today and kept rebooting my PC before it would finish booting. I installed a secondary copy of XP over the original just so I could get in and backup some extremely important files before I was forced to format.

So, I burn a data DVD containing all my vital files that I really cannot afford to lose, formatted, reinstalled windows and got everything setup again. I dropped my burned DVD back into the drive and tried to copy my files back onto my newly formatted harddrive.

Now, my DVD is only copying maybe one out of every 30 files on there… everything is giving me CRC errors and various other copy errors… This has never happened to me before. I can see all my files on the DVD, their names sizes and everything else but it refuses to copy them onto my hdd properly…

So I guess heres my question… is there a way I can fix this DVD? Ive tried a couple DVD data recovery programs and nothing has worked. If this can’t be done, is there a way to undelete files from my harddrive even after I’ve formatted?

I’m freakin out here b/c if I can’t recover this data, I’ve lost a semester’s worth of work and a world of other stuff that I REALLY don’t want to lose.

Does anybody have any ideas of how I can remedy this situation? Thanks for anyone that can lend a hand.


Welcome to the forums. The best thing I can think of is a program called isobuster, I’ts pulled data off seemingly destroyed discs for me before, and is a good recovery app to have on hand


Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately I’ve tried this one already and it was unable to help. At the moment I’m running DVD Decryptor and letting it try to write an ISO of my disk to my harddrive… no clue if this will work or not but I’ve hit rock bottom… might as well try right?

— And as I write this… DVD Decryptor just locked up due to read errors… fantastic.


Doh! Isobuster is pretty much the best you can get, so if thats unable, I dont like your chances.
Try this: Free Trial
Then this: Free Trial
If they fail try this:
Good Luck:)


eek - reinstalling without diagnosing the problem probably nerfed your computer :(. if its giving you crc errors, can you try another computer?