Two Identical Titles on DVD?



On the DVD Awake in Providence there are 2 identical titles for the main movie. If I select both of them to backup the space to fit onto a SL DVD is at 86% using DVD Fab

If I select only one of the titles the size does not change on the backup.

What is the purpose of the 2 titles being the same. I watched them both on PowerDVD and there is no difference between the 2.


Usually each title represent a different aspect ration. One being 4:3 and the other 16:9.


Both title being exactly the same. Both widescreen. Same audio same everything. If I select to backup one title the space reads at 86%. If I select both the space still reads 86% as if the second title is not taking up any additional space. It is confusing.


I figured it out. The duplicate title is for the scene selection on the menu. Instead of jumping to a scene on the main title. There is a seperate title for selecting a scene. I figured this out using power dvd. Now why does it not make a difference on the size of the disc?


I have seen this on couple DVD. I was trying to find them to make sure what is going on, no luck, too much work.
I think it is just a reference to a main title, that why it does no increase size. I know I took it out and same thing, size did not change.
May be someone with deeper understanding of other authoring tools can explain it better.