Two Harddrives, Cd-Burner and CD-Rom..How should I Configure This Setup?



I was wondering how it would be best to set up my system since I just got my IBM Deskstar 22GXP 18.0 gig HD. I also have a Maxtor Diamond Max 10.0 gig HD, Creative 6424 Burner and a Creative 48X CD-Rom. I would like to know such things as the best Master/Slave setups and also about what would be the best way to Parition the Harddrives. I think I will be keeping the Maxtor in one 10.0 gig Parition to store MP3's. So I figure this may be the secondary Slave since I may knot be using it that much.

Anyone Have any recommendations??

Thanks Guys...


This is what I would do, put the 18gig on as a Master, the Maxtor as a Slave to channel 1 IDE 1, Both the, cd-rom (master) and cd-rw (Slave) on the IDE Channel 2.

Just a thought

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This is my opinion:

put the 10 gb on master then connect it with your cd-recorder on slave (IDE 1)

put the cd-rom on master then connect it with your 18 gb on slave (IDE 2)

This would do it!



I have my system (also with the Creative 6424) just like VB9999, and works well. But if your HD’s are different speeds, like 5400 and 7200 rpm, they both run at the slower speed. TheScape’s way would be better if your HD’s are of different speeds.