Two Harddrives, Cd-Burner and CD-Rom..How should I Configure This Setup?



I was wondering how it would be best to set up my system since I just got my IBM Deskstar 22GXP 18.0 gig HD. I also have a Maxtor Diamond Max 10.0 gig HD, Creative 6424 Burner and a Creative 48X CD-Rom. I would like to know such things as the best Master/Slave setups and also about what would be the best way to Parition the Harddrives. I think I will be keeping the Maxtor in one 10.0 gig Parition to store MP3's. So I figure this may be the secondary Slave since I may knot be using it that much.

Anyone Have any recommendations??

Thanks Guys...


This is what I would do, put the 18gig on as a Master, the Maxtor as a Slave to channel 1 IDE 1, Both the, cd-rom (master) and cd-rw (Slave) on the IDE Channel 2.

Just a thought

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