Two hard drives installed, can only use one

Hi, I have recently bought a secound hard drive as my first was full trouble is that when I load up I can see both HD in start up and also in Device manager but I can not see the secound in my computer. Now I have tried to search with add new hardware and it finds it but just says hardware found and is working, looked for somthing in bios, also I’ve tried the new Hd in my mates comp and it could not be seen. If I change the drives about I can use the new Hd and not the old one, the HD’s are new Samsung 160gb sata in computer info says scsi port 2 and scsi target id 2, the old one is a samsung 80gb and the comp info is scsi port 2 and target Id is 0, mother board is asus a8v-e se. cheers.

its perfectly normal dont worry , new hard drives come unpartitioned , you dont see it in “my computer” because it currently have no partitions , use windows disk managment to create partition\s , start–>settings–>control panel–>administrative tools–>computer managment–>disk managment

You should use Samsungs hard drive utility to format your new drive. Users have experienced problems using Windows disk management formatting with some Samsung drives.

Link to utility . Note that it is DOS based, not Windows.

cheers got it sorted, it’s always the simple things. Thanks again to both of you.

Glad to see you got it working. :clap: