Two Girls and a Guy (can't find directory)

I’m using AnyDVD 5 and DVDClone2 (latest versions). Have had great success with this combo, but finally have found one DVD that it won’t backup. With Two Girls and a Guy (Robert Downey, Jr), DVDClone2 says that it can’t find directory E:\VIDEO_TS (E: is my playing drive, F: is my recorder). I’ve tried two different DVDs of the same movie, and same thing happens with both. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Until this problem is solved drag and drop the VIDEO_TS folder to your harddisk and copy from there.

:bow: Thanks, Ollie. That worked perfectly! I had no idea I could do that!
Thank you so much.

I finally got “Two Girls and a guy” US, Region 1, UPC 2454301640 here. Is this the title you have problems with?
Guess what - I can’t reproduce the problem. I am running Windows XP SP2.
As the CloneDVD™ software only uses the standard Windows file system, something disturbing must be installed on your system.

Are you running
Sonic DLA
or similar software?

I know it’s been written before that InCD and DirectCD may cause conflicts with CloneDVD. Haven’t used them in years, I was under the impression that they just took over when rewriteable media was inserted, I don’t understand why they would interfere with a pressed DVD.

At least Sonic DLA (the successor of DirectCD) does. It is a UDF filesystem, the DVD is UDF, so it says “it’s all mine”.
Sonic DLA can easily be deactivated by right clicking the drive in question, properties, DLA, disable “Use DLA for this drive”.

I agree; I have had InCD lock me out from viewing a directory on a UDF disc and I could not get into it until I had not only deactivated InCD but also completely deleated it.

Many thanks for the education.