Two G05 Questions

First off will G05 discs work fine in a A05 ??
Secondly is the G05 dye as good as the G04 ?? i have heard its not as good as the G03 and G04.

avoid ritek g05 at all cost , they are very bad.
i got 400 is po/pi errors on my pioneer 107d

There are some good g05 media but more than enough bad ones available. So beware.
info >>> >>> dvd media

Actions speak louder than words, well in this case pictures

Sorry but those graphs mean nothing to me, aint got a clue to what they mean.

as you say , pictures

You are telling people to ‘avoid Ritek GO5 at all costs’ judged soley on your poor burns rather than looking at the broader scale, as you can see ive had great burns with them so dont you agree the avoid at all costs statement is a little harsh?

I just bought Ridata 8x -R which show up as ritek G05, and my results are mixed. About 9 out of 10 are fine at 8x, but at 12x nothing but coasters on my NEC3500AG… When I tested an 8x burn, kprobe showed “acceptable” results. I can’t complain, since I got what was advertised.

I’m no expert, but I suspect that there is a pretty broad range of quality/results with these blanks.

“Official” Ritek brand RITEKG05 should be good quality.
RiDATA 8X DVD-R (RITEKG05) burns beautifully for me on many of my writers.

I would say that overall though, the Ritek G04 discs are more universally compatible than G05. I certainly hear more complaints about them than the G04. I realize that burner and firmware updates are factors here but it still seems that the G05 just don’t work as well for as many people as the G04.

Mine are ridata 8x , maybe i get a bad spindle, but i have better results with cmc , ricoh or TY.

In my opinion ,i will avoid them, i prefer pay a bit more and avoid the russian roulette.

No kidding. For me the biggest issue is their cost. Here in the US, the price differential between Ritek G05 and Taiyo Yuden TYG02 is less than $5 per spindle (and that is for the official TYs, not the crazy in-store specials), given the minimal price difference they just aren’t worth the risk.


My latest batch of Ritek 8x _R’s (G05’s) came from and I have burned over 100 over the last six months without one coaster and kicka$$ movie burns-

I like 'em-


For you in the usa thats all well and dandy but the difference here in the uk is alot.The difference between a 100 spindle G05 discs and 100 TY discs is between £20 and 30.

Apart from TY discs what other alternatives to G05 are there ?? not verbs as i had a couple before and my dvd player hated them. G04’s have been my choice of disc, before that G03.

I am going to get one spindle of G05’s to give them a try, they may be fine for me, although i would be burning them at X4 as i have a A05