Two Films On One Disc

Can Any one advise me as two get two films on a 4.7 disc in dvd format?

Thanks :rolleyes:

What kind of files .avi,.mpg, vob, etc.
What size
What programs do you have allready

I have DVD shrink And I have tried to Shrink two films and put them on one disk but there are file conflicts.I have tried re-naming the files but still can`t make it work.Do you have any deas please?

this is important information that you failed to provide even when asked. answer all the questions!

first of all, i don’t accept unsolicited PMs.

second of all, my response did not lack tact.

third, i was asking for the information that is necessary to answer your question and that you failed to provide even when being asked that information directly.

fourth, now you’ve annoyed me, and this is my last post in this thread. Good luck with your problem. There are many knowledgeable forum members on this board, and I’ll assure you that I’m one of the most tactful among them.

That Shows.I`m not tactful either.Take a lesson in manners.

I give up. Im going back to being a lurker :iagree:


Me Three

Forum members who ask for advice and help should provide the necessary info first.

Enough said.

READ the guides on

in fairness to him, he probably thought that by saying DVD format he was giving the info required.

he was asked the format of his “two films”

he said he wanted the final product in “dvd format” … he never said his films were in dvd format.

he answered one out of the three questions that were asked in order ot help him. I reiterated the two that he ignored in order to try to help and suddenly get an angry PM from him.

he feels the need to post back here to retaliate and STILL does not provide relevant information to his problem.

people. grrr.

yeah, he was out of order to do that obviously. But as someone who knows little about the subject, it would seem that he’s given a lot of info and probably as much as he knows.
I’ve been in his situation a long time back and the simplest questions when you know the answers just do not occur to ask. It’s hard being a newbie on here at times.
People say search and you haven’t the slightest idea what you’re searching for.

No excuse for a bad attitude though.

Look here and see if this helps.

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