Two fifth of my burnings goes wrong. Why?

Hi everybody

I’m new to this forum, and I have with great interest read about the opinions about all the different media brands.
I’ve tried just a few brands – none with very good results, I must say. I’m getting the best results with Sony DVD+RW (4x), and that both annoys me and puzzles me, because that’s NOT the way things are supposed to work out.

My DVD-writer is LiteOn: SOHW-1633S (latest FW)
My CD-writer is LiteOn: LTR-1210C (latest FW)

When I burn an Audio-CD with the LTR drive, the activity LED is always on, which means that the laser is constant on, and the data just keeps on flowing into the drive.

When I burn a DVD-video with the SOHW drive the LED on the front is:

  • with an INFINITE (8x) DVD+R pulsating, which tells me that that the laser IS NOT constantly on
  • with SONY DVD+RW (x4) the LED is constantly on – and that’s the way it should be – isn’t it?
  • with SONY DVD-RW (x1) – again the LED is pulsating

My main target is not burning DVD-Video’s though. I’m transferring my LP-collection to Audio DVD-Video (DAD), not to be confused with DVD-Audio. The wav-files are 24/96, converted into VOB’s and burned with either Gear Software or Minnetonka’s Disc Welder (that program can also make real DVD-Audio, but I don’t have a DVD-Audio stand-alone player yet, so I’ll just stick to DAD for the moment).

When I burn DAD’s – no matter what media I use – the LED is always pulsating!!!

Any suggestions out there ???

I read somewhere a few weeks ago, that a DVD burner could run into trouble if it was not connected with the right IDE-cable, so I went out and bought a new cable for my second IDE-slot (ATA 133), and it looks like it made a difference. My SISUtil now reports that my DVD-burner now is running with ATA66 speed, which it didn’t do before. Made no difference to the CD-drive – it’s an old one, but when it comes to ripping an audio-cd it’s 3 times faster that the dvd-drive – for sure, I’ve clocked it with a stopwatch!

What I really is complaining about is, that to make 2 perfect DVD’s (video or audio) I have to throw away 3, and that will be a bit too expensive in the end.
Considering bying Ritek R03 or TY, but I don’t quite belive that media’s is the only problem.

Keep up the good spirit


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