Two DVDs the same in two drives



I just discovered something weird:

I have these two DVD Video discs I made - One is on a DVD-RW and the other is on a DVD-R. They have the same data, and were made with the same settings and titles in Nero.

I put one in my Plextor, it reads it fine.

I put the other in my Pioneer it says “A device attached to the system is not functioning”!!

I eject the Plextor, and refresh the Pioneer. The disc is now readable!

I re-load the Plextor and try to read the disc… “A device attached to the system is not functioning”…!!

All I wanted to do was to do a diff on both discs to see if they actually did have the exact same data!!!


That is pretty weird??? Does it do it if you put diffrent disks in and try to access them in the same way (in particular, same kind of disk, rw and r)?


i’m confused :frowning:


Me too but I think it’s because I felt a phantom spank from another forum!!!
In all seriousness, Earlier I was thinking a comunications or conflict problem. Bad ide cable or some kind of conflict on the controler. You are using 80 pin cables, right.


Yo ripit-

(psst - hey Bra - it’s 80 Connector not 80 pin)-



hey bigmike7 - it’s 80 conductor aka wire.


I gotta admit it, it wasn’t that funny but I busted up laughing for about 30 seconds on that one…
Excuses are
Ripits drunk so he was fucking wrong
Mike is negative so he got his polarity reversed and was backwards
tqhoang was completlly right but for the for the moment, hes a dush bag so me and mike can look good…
OK, moments over, tqhoang was right, no longer a dush bag…
Ya know, sometimes I feel like I’m really smart but can only type with the intelegence of a 3 year old retarded monkey with a brain injurie???



I really fuc@ed up - really ment to say “conductor” - instead of “connector”

God - how stupid of me!!!

I’m going right out and buy some +R media - oops - wait a second - ah - I found some Prodisc R03 laying around (he burns it) - yup - another coaster from the ole 3500 using +R media-

Back to the -R stuff-


Mix another drink…


You agreed to it, thiers no backing out now!!! You gotta buy some real +r like richojpn (sport prefers the 02 and I like the 01 but either is fine). Ya know I’m going to tell sport about this, right???



You guys keep on editing me to say what YOU want me to say - not what I said originally-

Oh Well - guess that is the mentality of the +R camp in a nut shell - a.k.a. - don’t tell it like it really is - modify it to look like you want it to look-

Me - I’ll stick to the -R’s - they are faithful and true-