Two dvds into one?

I have Nero 6.6.03, Roxio emc7,clone dvd2, dvd shrink 3.2. How can I change 2 dvd+rw’s with video into one dvd+r? I can’t seem to find out how!! HELP :confused:

If you’ve a DL-Burner you could burn it on DL Disc.
Or reducing the quality of your videos so that you’ve enough space on
a dvd+r. With Dvd Shrink or Nero Recode for example.
After this procedure you need an authoring tool.

thanks Rapid fire for your help. I have two dvd+rw’s each with about 50mins of camcorder footage that I’d like to combine into one dvd+r disc. I’m having great difficulty finding out how. Can anyone of the programs, Roxio emc7,Nero 6.6.03, clone dvd2, dvd shrink 3.2 do this ? Where can I get info on how? I have a Benq 1620, dell P4, 2.0 gighz,1 gig rdram, 120 gb hard drive Thanks again for your and anyone else’s help :bow:

What for files you’ve on your dvd+rws?
If it’s mpeg the easiest way would be nero vision express cause you’ve this prog!
Select the option create dvd-video import your video files then you
could create menues, effects, reducing quality etc.
There’s also an option in NVE to create from different video files, one mpeg file!
You could find here some nice
material :wink: