Two DVDs burn to one

I am going to be recording a football game this weekend on my comcorder that burns directly onto mini DVD. The DVDs will not hold an entire game on one DVD, and we planned to switch DVDs at half time. My question is now do we get both of those mini dvds burned onto one DVD to give to the people that need one? I have any DVD on my laptop, and usually use that to burn the practice DVDs for coaches and would like to do the same right after the game and send them home with the game DVD. Thanks

Then you’ll need something like an dvd author program.
Have a look at here
There you’ve an overview about the tools.

Doesn’t DVD Remake Pro have that functionality? I don’t have the program myself as I find it to be a waste of money, personally, and their protection scheme is a complete pain in the ass, but, anyway, I think it can combine two discs into one fairly easily. DVD Shrink should be able to do so, as well.