Two DVD RWs, cant scan with the Samsung?

Hi everyone.

I came across this forum about a month or so ago after which I briefly took up the sport of CD-DVD Speed scanning my small mountain of burned media.

Now, I have two DVD+/-RW drives. One is an NEC ND-3550A, the other a Samsung, branded Writemaster (shows up in hardware properties as TSSTorp CD/DVDW SH-W163A.

The NEC is an IDE drive, the Writemaster a SATA.

Nero CD-DVD Speed will only allow me to do a Disc Quality scan using the NEC drive (although it lets me do a ScanDisc integrity check using either drive) when I pick the TSSTcorp drive in the Disc Quality Window the Start button becomes disabled.

And I read the warnings NEC drives producing erratic results with disc scanning tools were no joke, using Disc Quality checks with it always results in the disc in question recieving a score of 0 - usually discs that work perfectly and read/wrote at full speed.

Anyone know why that might happen? Or what if anything I can do to get the TSSTcorp drive to scan?

Did you upgrade cdspeed? If it’s a newer version, it might not support scanning anymore. Newer versions of cdspeed lock out some drives.

The version I have is, and I didn’t upgrade it recently. Also (I don’t know if its supposed to do this) CD-DVD speed doesn’t do a PI failures test on CDs even on the NEC - just the Trasfer Rate and PI Errors test.

A good CD should have 0 PI failures, so maybe you only have good CDs? At least my old NEC 3520 was able to do C1 and C2 testing.

You mean, a good CD should have no C2 :slight_smile:
Cause PIE/PIF are only reported in DVD scanning, it’s C1/C2 in CD scanning (and LDC/BIS in Blu-ray).

Keep in mind that different drives have different reporting habits.

Did you enable Samsung in your registry? There’s a couple of registry hacks down in the Samsung forum depending on your Windows version.

I have absolutely no idea :o I didn’t think it needed anything else done with it.

And I was wrong, CDs scan for C2 errors like they’re supposed to. Found THAT out when going back over a CMC MAG CD that, yet again got a quality score of zero despite reading perfectly at full speed in ScanDisc.

So I need to do something with the registry?

Yes. Start here:

[QUOTE=olyteddy;2012419]Yes. Start here:[/QUOTE]
Thanks, that fixed it. shoulda checked the other forums first :o